Intro to Expressions and Equations

Learning Opportunity

Pages 13-14 all (no work needed) – on ASSISTments

Today in Class

After reviewing yesterday’s Show Me What You Can Do, the class went over last night’s learning opportunity on Mobile Puzzles.  Students found it easy to solve and enjoyable to solve these puzzles.


Students were surprised to learn that these mobile puzzles represent algebraic equations.  For example, problem #1 can be represented as 2x = x + 5 and problem #4 can be represented as x + 4 = 3x + 1.  I told them that some students find it difficult to solve problems when they are listed only as equations.  They felt that solving would be easier by viewing them as mobile puzzles.

Lastly, we talked about mathematical properties that we will be using in this unit.  Here is an example of the chart that the students filled out.