Class Expectations 2018-19

Mr. Burnett values students that show how they think about math, math discussions between students, and students that take their time (the teacher does not value speed or students racing through math)

To be prepared for class students must have a pen or a pencil and their Open-Up Resources workbook

Student grades will be based entirely on their understanding of the topics taught. The teacher will provide constructive comments, but not grades, on assessments.  These comments will clearly communicate to students what they did well and what they need to do to improve to close the gap from where they are now and where they need to be.  

Students will self evaluate themselves on their understanding of the learning targets on the assessment using the self evaluation rubric:

  1. I need more time to understand this
  2. I can do this with the help of an example or working with other students in a group
  3. I can do this on my own BUT I am missing an explanation and/or making computational errors
  4. I can do this on my own AND explain my solution path(s) to others

Before each progress report and at the end of the quarter, the student and teacher will conference to agree on a grade that best represents the student’s understanding of the material.  Students will be able to redo and resubmit any work to demonstrate to the teacher a better understanding of the topics taught.

Students are expected to use appropriate language and have appropriate conversations for the classroom environment as well as listen to other students thoughts and explanations during group work.  When not working in groups students should RAISE THEIR HAND when they would like to speak or you need/want to get out of your seat.  It is the student’s responsibility to see Mr. Burnett to the get the assignments missed due to absence.

Students will use the Illustrative Open-Up Resources Workbooks

The class will use the following online tools:

  • Schoology
    • Will be used to post grades
  • ASSISTments
    • Will be used for students to receive feedback when completing learning opportunities. If a student does not have internet access at home, he/she will be given the work to do on paper.
  • WordPress
    • Will be used to display class work